Trabajando en el taller - Caporali
Hecho a mano

A passion

In 2004 my wife, María José Mattioli, and I set up our workshop in Binéfar (Huesca). This is where we create our jewellery and sculptures. Our silversmithing skills have been learned over time and come from various sources. Our first learning experience was with Sebastián Amerio of Taller PlataForma in Barcelona, with whom we acquired our basic skills. I then went on to specialise in Japanese jewellery techniques with teachers at the Massana School of Jewellery in Barcelona.

Materiales de calidad

One-off pieces

From then on, convinced that our jewellery should only comprise one-off pieces, we started developing our ideas in our own workshop, continually trying to expand our skills through experimentation. Our goal is to stand out for our exceptional one-off pieces that reflect our personal idea of jewellery, differentiating ourselves from the mass production everywhere around us.

We are influenced by this idea when working on our creations, and always try to ensure that each piece is a window through which their wearer can be transported towards a specific moment, in which they can see themselves reflected, so that it becomes not only a decorative object but also one closely identified with its owner.

Trabajando en el taller - Caporali

Our goal is to stand out for our exceptional one-off pieces

These are some of the awards our work has received:


Piece selected as a finalist to represent Spain at the World Crafts Europa exhibition, to be held in Kuwait in 2019.


1st Prize for best object at the 16th Craft Awards in Aragon


2nd Prize at the 24th Craft Awards in Aragon.


Group Exhibition ‘Everyday Jewels’ held at the Crafts Centre of Aragon.


UNART Prize for Recognition of Artistic Development, Altea (Alicante).


2nd Prize for Best-designed Object at 26th Craft Fair, Getxo (Bilbao)


1st Prize for Best Stand and Body of Work, Altea (Alicante).


1st Prize for Best Stand at the 26th Christmas Craft Fair, Bilbao.


1st Prize for Best Piece of Work at the Craft Awards in Altea (Alicante).


1st Prize for Best Stand at the 25th Christmas Craft Fair, Bilbao.

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Colgante El taller